Twelve years after GAME-AGEDDON, when all games vanished from the world in a single instant, investigate the mystery across two levels and a bunch of screens of explanatory text in this crummy platformer!

Use 1-6 to select character, then arrow keys to move and jump. I didn't have time to finish, so once you finish the second level there's nothing else to do.

Made for the Giant Bomb Game Jam 3, 2016, this is fairly nonsensical, but might make a bit more sense if you've watched the 2014 Game of the Year videos, where the plot basics came from (Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5).

Resources used and other credits:

All other images are my own design.

Secret fun facts below this line!

  • The shop names in the mall are pixelated versions of the words 'HAT STOP' (yellow), 'RUTABAGA' (red) and 'SPINE EMPORIUM' (green).
  • The game covers in the mall are tiny thumbnails of DVD covers, but I forgot which ones I used.
  • There are two easter eggs in the game.
  • The title has little to do with this version of the game - both parts are merely anagrams of the phrase 'BLEAK CYBERPUNK DYSTOPIA'. (I didn't think them up myself.)
Published Aug 14, 2016

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