Post-submission errata (I'll just fix the game later if it's still possible):

  • The seventh circle of the underworld, like most of the other circles, has exits up and down, not mentioned in the description.

A simple text adventure with multiple endings! Don't know anything about text adventures? Check the postcard. Do know about text adventures? You'll probably get annoyed at all the obvious things I didn't implement yet. Good luck!

I've added a basic walkthrough (solution.txt, not linked because that would be too easy), but playing that way is kind of missing the point of interactive fiction. Because not everything was done, here's a hint for each the actually-working endings:

  • Drew's quick look game is in the pile on the coffee table.
  • So is Jeff's.
  • So is Alex's… but playing it won't help.
  • The 'ultimate' ending involves the Nintendo 64.

Other stuff to try (not relevant to the main endings):

  • Get drinks from the vending machine and improve or ruin them (don't forget the fridge!) Examine the vending machine to see what's in stock first; you don't have to steal.
  • Give a cardboard box to somebody who might appreciate it
  • Get murdered by Alex (bonus: get murdered by Alex in hell!)
  • Fix the chat!
  • Sit in the comfy chair! (It can be done… I think)
  • Have a nap!
  • Get lost!

Sadder tips: You can't wake up Brad, I don't think Dan even exists anymore (sorry Dan!), and Vinny doesn't really do anything.

Secret bonus tip for reading this far: Taking the prototype makes Puppy World a very depressing place.

Published Mar 30, 2015
StatusIn development